August 13, 2012

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My next journey takes me back to Baltimore & Washington where my brother is leaving his dorm & moving into his own apartment. We will be helping him move in & get ready for his classes- as well as experiencing some culture, shopping, & locals foods!
Till then I am leaving you with some tips for traveling & staying comfortable at the airport & in-flight.

  1. Knit Sweater - I always carry a sweater or a trench when traveling, because you already know that before boarding that airplane it will be cold. The Knit sweater shown is from JCrew.
  2. Moisturizer - It is always great to put on moisturizer before and after your flight because of the dry air inside of the cabin. I always use Olay Complete for sensitive skin with SPF15
  3. Comfy Shoes - Depending on the length of your flight; you might want to include some comfortable shoes. I always sport these grey TOMS when I travel, they match anything you put on & they are just so comfortable to be on the plane in & they are so easy on your feet when it comes to walking around the airport.
  4. Lip Balm - Its always great to keep ones lips moisturized especially when always on the go. I use Burt's Bees - I love the tinted ones as well - Add some color to your lips.
  5. Foundation - Before getting off the plane - touch up your face with some of your foundation! I use Bare Escentuals matte.
  6. Mineral Water Spray - I LOVE using this on hot summer days while at the beach or a theme park - But it is also great to keep your skin hydrated on flights. I use Evian whenever I am on vacation. 
  7. Facial Towelettes - Its always great to carry these whenever on the go! They work great when you are traveling because everywhere you come in contact with there is bacteria & being so long on a flight your face will feel icky & dull. I have been using Yes To Carrots 
  8. Electronics - Weather it is your iPad, Iphone, or your laptop; it is always a great idea to bring these along. You can read, play some games or surf the internet using the planes WiFi.

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  1. I must add these to my traveling essentials! Thank you for the insight!


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