July 3, 2012


Every so often I end up changing my facial regimen due to my hormones or weather change.
FIRST thing all my readers should know about me is that i have very sensitive skin, since I could remember I have been suffering with eczema. Everything on this post is great for sensitive skin and non-irritating.

Purity:  I use purity as my makeup remover, I know woman live & breath this product but I only use it when i wear heavy makeup like on weekends because it is not paraben free. It is the only cleanser/makeup remover that is non irritating to my skin, so I use it when i need to.
Alba Botanica:  My friend recommended this facial cleanser to me in march & I LOVE IT. I use this facial cleanser in the mornings when i wake up it has an amazing pineapple smell so it wakes you up. Both the cleanser and the toner are hypo-allergenic, 100% vegetarian ingrediants & most important Paraben free.
Cetaphil:  I use this moisturizer at night before going to bed. Not thats its heavy, but a pea size drop will take you a long way! The whole bottle can probably last you half a year and thats using it everyday on face & body. Greatly recommended for sensitive skin, they also just recently came out with a line for eczema prone skin so i will be trying it once this bottle runs out. 

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