June 26, 2012


Catching up from my "Carry On Bag Post" ... i spent this past weekend in PANAMA 
Kenneth & I went to visit his parents which moved over there a few months ago, this was my second visit so i was much more comfortable this time around. We left Miami at 8am the morning after the heat won the NBA FINALS so we were both running on NO SLEEP. 

His parents live in San Francisco, Panama which is considered the chic/downtown area over there. This trip his parents were able to us take us on a 3 hour ride to an inactive volcano which was a once in a lifetime experience! It was about a 2 hour drive and then about 45 minutes whirling around the inactive volcano; which the area is called - "El Valle de Anton" . We stopped by the "Mercado Municipal" which is a market place there, they had lots of fresh produce and shop areas. We also did a walk through of a rain forest located on the inactive volcano; as well as a spring pool meant for heeling. 

From the market place I was able buy a volcanic ash mask for $2 ($40 here in the states) which I was able to bring back with me! I did the mask once while in Panama and tonight as well, I will be doing a post about it fairly soon but I just want to let everyone know it is worth every penny, even if I have to pay $40 here. My acne scars faded with just one use!

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