April 12, 2013

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Cozy Desk & Bookshelf

My desk corner - where one will find me about 75% of the time either doing school work, planning trip or online shopping. I always feel content in my desk area because of the fact that it's in front of my window so I always get a feel for the great outdoors (I personally love with it is raining).
Bookshelf - I recently purchased a bookshelf for my room, to clear up all the clutter of my daily reads & school books. I catch myself standing in front of it all the time, it brings me peace because I am able to re-live the time I was reading these amazing books (at least for a brief moment). Another great aspect of this bookshelf is being able to display items that are dear to me - like my collectable vinylmations, and my Minnie & Mickey teacup from my engagement party.


  1. I feel really positive about this

  2. Love all the details. Great post :)



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