July 23, 2012


Happy Miami Fashion Week!
These past few days we've had some beautiful and ugly weather, you never really know what to expect in Miami. So this weekend I stayed in with my boo watching some new releases & catching up on some TV Shows. The highlight of my weekend was a churros truck in the parking lot of my grocery store on sunday & WHY NOT?! Churros are not usually sold in this part of town; I would have to drive about 30 minutes for some good authentic ones, unless you get the ones at the mall which are over priced. We got these 12 - 2ft churros for $5 I KNOW AMAZING!
Today my brother & I were running some errands & had some DR appointments, so after our busy day we decided to go to the Oriental mart and I found this cute bowl which I am going to use to hold my everyday jewelry. 


  1. it´s so special what i see here.

  2. They're like churro fries! haha

    xo Jennifer



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